Did you know?

Glass painting is thought to have started over 700 years ago

Difference between painted glass and stained glass:

Although painting on glass is part of the traditional method within stained glass what I do is quite different.

Painting glass using the method that I do requires clear glass as the canvas, outline (relief paste) is applied to the glass then glass paints are used to fill the cells.


The difference with painted glass in traditional stained glass is that the paints, that often start as a powder, are fired onto the glass in a kiln, this is then mixed with coloured glass which is cut and joined using lead. Another technique which is sometimes referred to as stained glass is the Tiffany style where coloured glass is cut and copper foil is applied to the edges before the pieces are soldered together.

If you're interested in trying what I do yourself just send me an email.. nicolahalford1979@gmail.com and I’ll send you a document I have produced with helpful hints on how to get started.